Many Missed Opportunities

Many Missed Opportunities

It has been far too long (hmm, that sounds like a similar opening...) since I last posted here. I've had the opportunity to post about many things, some of which were even started but never quite finished.

As I mentioned in my post on my other blog, this time of year just gets a little out of control with work resulting in extra things getting ruthlessly cut from life to maintain sanity.

With the September rush now gone, I'm trying to get things back to normal the best I can. That means trying to get back in to the habit of writing once again.

Some upcoming posts over the next few weeks will cover my first 50Km run, how I'm feeling about my new Polar Grit X and a bit of a story about how I got to where I did. If you fancy reading any of these make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed so you don't miss out.

Post Photo by Matt Sclarandis on Unsplash