I've been a runner for about eight years and a triathlete for two. Many people asked me why I started running and the answer was simple - to loose weight. I was walking up some steps and couldn't make it more than half way without breathing hard. That day I knew something had to change. So the next day, on went my trainers, an old hoodie and the baggiest trousers I had. I slipped out in the dark morning so nobody saw me attempting to run at a pace that could barely be considered faster than a shuffle. But I stuck with it and lost a lb or two...

I found my interest in triathlon in 2017 and entered my first sprint event in 2018 at the age of 32. A little older (by about 5 years) than some (most) of the other athletes around me, but not the oldest. I worked hard on my swimming, my cycling was alright and I knew I could do alright on the run. I came middle of the pack, a little disappointed but knew this was just the beginning. My ultimate goal was Ironman.

Gray crossing the Ironman Wales 2019 finish line
Ironman Wales 2019 Finish

While it was the ultimate goal, there's still more left in me. We should strive to push our bodies and our minds and to make ourselves the best we can be.

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